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 Critiquing the bayanihan 

The bayanihan, the communion of critical consciousness, is not a stagnant community. It acknowledges that context matters, and as context changes, the community must change to stay relevant. This page will serve as the repository of the bayanihan, the output of the bayanihan that needs your feedback constantly

The output of the bayanihan will both be a list of ways that norms of Whiteness manifest within association management, as well as ideas for how to disrupt them. As the study is just beginning, we invite you to come back and offer your feedback on the findings from this study. Feel free to follow the hashtag #BuildingBayanihan or visit this page for updates. 

At the end of phase one of my study, we will have a laundry list of how Whiteness manifests within association management, as well as the beginnings of a list of how to disrupt the actions identified. The first list will aid us in understanding how Whiteness exists while the second list is the catalyst for future change. Making the invisible visible, we hope to provide some themes to how Whiteness manifests across professional associations, and we would hope to incorporate a modified phenomenological perspective when analyzing the actions identified.

Don't forget to learn more about the theoretical foundations of the bayanihan in DISCOVER, and share your stories to help build the bayanihan in CONTRIBUTE. And since you are on this page, please feel free to offer feedback on the elements of the bayanihan, research questions, and interview protocol, which can be accessed at the links below or feel free to CONTACT me directly.

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