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Building Bayanihan

A Communion of Critical Consciousness

What is the bayanihan*?

A collaborative, complex, cathartic space where volunteer leaders of professional associations come together to disrupt Whiteness within association management.

Curating the bayanihan calls for individuals that are compassionate and committed. If you are interested in creating community and communion towards conversion and consciousness raising, act on the information below to join in the revolution.


The bayanihan is a communion of critcial consciousness created to disrupt Whiteness within association management. Learn more about the theoretical foundations and constitutive elements of the bayanihan, both built upon critical scholars who have navigated structures of Whiteness within the Academy.


The heart and soul of the bayanihan are volunteer leaders who want to disrupt Whiteness within their professional associations. Contribute to this burgeoning community and make your voice heard. Help document and disrupt Whiteness within association management through sharing your perspective.


The output of the bayanihan is both a list of ways that norms of Whiteness manifest within association management, as well as ideas for how to disrupt them. Offer your feedback today and ensure that the output of the bayanihan encourages more rational, sustainable, and just practices in your association.

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